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Why become a nude model ?

Even if the choice is ultimately personal, many are motivated to become a nude model for similar reasons:

To change one's self-image and accept an outsider's gaze

To overcome an excess of modesty (including during clothed and lingerie photoshoots)

To have a long-lasting and high-quality memento for oneself and for others (Parents, partners, children...)

Although occasionally having therapeutic benefits, nude modeling is more oftentimes a pleasant, relaxing moment , where the bond between body and self can be rediscovered.

Who can become a nude model ?

Whether it be the « nude in the living room » art project, or for a private photoshoot (Prices are open to consultation), everyone is welcome to become a model. Idan Wizen goes even father with his art project. He believes that each person can contribute their own unique beauty. Being able to discern and highlight our best qualities, he brings out the best in us, making him undoubtably a great portraitist.

How to sign-up for a photoshoot ?

By contacting us via our online forms, we can propose you different appointment dates in our photograhy studio, located in Paris, France.

If you would like further information before signing up, you may consult the « Frequently asked questions » page  or recounted experiences by past models



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